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This book is the ultimate playbook to sponsorship without all the fluff! This isn't a book with generic information on sponsorship that you can google. This is information I've learned personally over the past 11 years with my company Harlem's Fashion Row. 

You can find out more information about my company in these articles: FORBES, NY TIMES, and TEEN VOGUE. 
  •  I've produced over 20 success events attracting over 1 Billion Press Impressions
  • Secured over $1.5 Million Dollars in Sponsorship
I'm Brandice Daniel, a top-rated teacher of event sponsorship with over 11 years of experience producing events in New York City. I'm from Memphis, TN, but moved to NYC 14 years ago and started my idea from scratch with no connections or money. Trust me, I was CLUELESS!

I'm actually doing my purpose through events without breaking my personal bank any more! When I first started, I started from scratch. I mean I was at base-level with no secret funds stashed away, but I knew I had to find a way to make it work. I had heard of sponsorships, but I had no idea what it actually meant or how in the world I would get them! 
Photo: Me & Stephen Kolb of the CFDA during a conversation event that had no financial sponsors, but a venue sponsor which still allowed for a profit. 
After banging my head up against a wall, I finally secured $10,000 in my 3rd year of business. Year after year, I was securing more brands and something happened: I ACTUALLY FIGURED OUT THE SECRETS OF SPONSORSHIP! ABOUT TIME!

Since then, I've secured up to $125,000 from one brand. If it's possible for me, a complete "nobody" from Memphis, TN, it's possible for you. 
Photo: Tracee Ellis Ross at an event I produced with Prudential and Verizon as sponsors! 
If you're an event founder, producer, or you're thinking about doing an event you're going to want to give me a huge bear hug after reading this! I'll take it too. I love hugs. 

Would you like to produce an event and have it paid for? 

Would you like to not worry about being left with the bill at the end? 

Would you like to even get a profit? Imagine that! 

Yes, you can get a profit and I think it's crazy to produce an event without a profit. It took me a while to figure that one out! 
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Below is a sneak peek of the book!
  Before I published this book, I had a course that was $297. the information in the course is now in the book. 

hear What People Said about the course:
"...concisely walk you step-by-step through the entire process "
"Brandice is simply amazing! This is not a course where someone googled information, read a few articles and then created a course... NO! Brandice Henderson knows her what she's talking about. If you're looking for sponsorships, then look no further. This course is for YOU! 
Brandice will clearly and concisely walk you step-by-step through the entire process from start to finish. Just click the ENROLL button..."
"... I was able to get sponsorship from a local business (my first ever!)"
I purchased Brandice's course "Brand Sponsorship: Step by Step Guide To Securing Sponsors" over the summer and absolutely loved it. So much fabulous information! I'm currently volunteering for a young professionals networking group and acquiring sponsors for our events is a bit of a challenge for us. Brandice's course was very helpful in that area. In fact, after watching it, I was able to get sponsorship from a local business (my first ever!) It was amazing!"
"... comprehensive, relevant, realistic, and thorough material"
"Just wanted to drop a line to say THANK YOU for creating this course. I've worked in/around sponsorship (brand and product/project side) for the last few years and this, by far, is THE most comprehensive, relevant, realistic, and thorough material I've seen on how to do secure sponsorship dollars! 

Congrats to you on all of your success with HFR, The Great Girlfriends (I'm a loyalist LOL), and beyond!" Best, TS
A few things You Will Learn From This Book:
Secret #1: How to Create a Sponsorship Proposal that will get noticed by brands
We will go step by step on how to approach your sponsorship deck and what to include on each page. 
Secret #2: Who to contact at brands and how to get their information
I will give you the tools I use to get a brand's contact information and I will let you know who to reach out to at brands. 
Secret #3: How to ask someone to sponsor your event in an email or in person 
Once you find the information, what do you say? Well, you'll get the script I use to reach out to brands in this book. 
This is a Limited Time Offer! Get Your Free Book Before they are all Gone! You just pay for Shipping & Handling. 
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